Prenuptial agreements aren’t a sign a marriage will fail


There is a stigma about prenuptial agreements because some people think that they mean the couple is assuming they will divorce. It is easy to see why they would think this, but if you delve deeper into these agreements, you will see that they actually provide more stability for the couple.

When coming up with the terms of a prenuptial agreement, the couple will discuss the matters that are important to them and decide how to include these in the document. Outlining what will happen if there is a divorce can help the couple of focus on building their relationship. There doesn’t have to be trepidation that comes with wondering what is going to happen.

We understand that addressing the need for a prenuptial agreement can be difficult, especially if you and your partner haven’t discussed the issue before. We can help you evaluate the options that you have for each point that you need to include in the agreement.

It is important that a prenup is balanced between both spouses and that it doesn’t include forbidden points. As we draw up the document for you, we can help evaluate how it might be perceived by the court.

Since you and your partner both have to sign the agreement, each person will need to have adequate time to review the document. Each person should have their own attorney review the agreement. Finally, you will need to sign it. Make sure that you don’t wait until the last minute since that might classify the signature as being done under duress.

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