WNBA star attempt to annul marriage

WNBA star attempt to annul marriage

Ending a marriage is not an easy decision, regardless if you have been married for one month, one year or even ten years. There is certainly a social stigma associated with divorce, but sometimes couples decide that they should cut their losses and go their separate ways.

Such was apparently the case with Britney Griner and Glory Johnson. The two WNBA players (Griner plays for the Phoenix Mercury and Johnson for the Tulsa Shock) were involved in a much publicized brawl where both of them were arrested on domestic violence charges. It appeared as if the two had put their differences behind them, as they were married on May 8; nearly three weeks after their altercation.

In a statement released this week, Griner announced that she had filed paperwork to have their marriage annulled. She explained that she and Johnson had agreed to either annul their marriage, legally separate or get divorced. Griner further explained that she had attempted to postpone the marriage while she received counseling after their fight, but she decided not to go through with it, and she later realized that getting married was a mistake.

It remains to be seen whether the court will accept her petition to have the marriage annulled. Annulments are only given in special circumstances, such as when there has been fraud, or one of the parties was not eligible to be married (because they were still legally married to someone else), or if one party did not have the requisite mental capacity to consent to be married.

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