What items can be purchased using child support money?


If you have divorced your spouse, or have separated from him or her, there might be a child support order issued. If you have taken the other parent of your children to court for support, an order will be issued.

Whatever your situation, child support payments can be used to purchase or pay for quite a few things. We will discuss those items in this post so you what it is you can and cannot use these payments for.

These payments can be used to pay for the medical care of your child. Children are required to have some form of medical coverage from their parents, or have their own plans, but these payments can still help pay for medical care.

Child support can also be used to pay for your children’s meals, clothing, shoes, snacks, drinks, blankets and other basic necessities. The payments can also be used to help pay for the child’s housing. This includes the mortgage or rent you pay for your place of residence.

Paying for education can also be done with the help of child support payments. Even if your child attends a public school it is not free. There are fees for sports, activities, books and other items. On top of this, the payments can also be used for activities that do not involve the school, such as camps, clubs or other groups.

Going through a custody battle is never easy. An experienced California family law attorney can help. Once you begin receiving child support, taking care of your children can become a little less stressful.

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