What happens if I disagree with the divorce petition in California?

The process of divorce is one that can go quickly or one that can be drawn out for years. This depends on the spouses and how they feel about certain matters, but either way, they will need to have a discussion about many divorce legal matters before the divorce is granted. Figuring out how the divorce will go is something that spouses can easily determine early on in the process, starting with the divorce petition and whether or not they both agree with what it states.

After receiving the divorce petition, spouses have the option to agree or disagree with what their spouse has stated about the divorce, but also what they have requested from their spouse. Should they disagree, they will likely have to sit down with their spouse and attempt to address these disagreements and resolve their disputes. If they are not able to, then a judge will be the one to resolve things for the couple.

Having to go before a judge with a dispute is not something that spouses look forward to doing. In fact, when spouses want to avoid doing so, they may actually put forth a real effort to resolve these disagreements in mediation rather than let a judge decide for them. This is largely due to a judge possibly not agreeing with either party and awarding them less than what they expected.

It is a rare divorce where spouses agree with one another on every issue. It would be ideal for them to do so, especially if they want to save time and avoid the headache of having to deal with disputes. However, if a spouse truly does not agree with certain issues, they should be sure to let it be known. If they have an attorney on their side working with them during the divorce, this is something that the attorney can make sure gets done as well as help them receive the best possible outcome.

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