Transportation costs covered by child support

Parents may dispute over many things when it comes to their child. What school they will go to, what clothes they will wear and even how they will wear their hair are topics parents may disagree on, but they may also find themselves bickering about child support. Once it has been decided which parent will pay child support and how much, there is only so much they can do about it. Even though they cannot control what the other parent does with the money, they may find themselves questioning them about how they are spending it or if they are spending it on things that will benefit the child. Transportation costs are often one of the expenses parents may find themselves questioning when confirming how their money is being spent.

Child support can be used to cover the following transportation costs:

  • Gas.
  • Car maintenance and repairs.
  • Monthly or yearly car insurance payments.
  • Monthly car payments.

Children need to be taken to, and picked up from school, transported to games and much more. In order to do this, parents need a working car, which is why child support can cover these costs. There are many things that parents may not know that monthly payments can cover, and this confusion may lead to disputes or the paying parent accusing the receiving parent of misusing child support funds.

Parents may want to consider checking in every once in a while to ensure the child support is being spent on things that will benefit the child. There are many instances where a parent may not be properly using child support money, but when they are using the money to maintain their car, this is not something with which the paying parent should have an issue. Of course, if parents do have questions or concerns about child support, they have the option to contact an attorney who can answer these questions and assist them if they have any issues with the amount they are paying or receiving.

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