What documentation should I obtain for my adopted child?

What documentation should I obtain for my adopted child?

When you adopt a child, you are offering to share your home with someone who can really use the love and security that a family can provide. And if you are on the verge of finalizing the adoption, there are a number of steps you can take that will help expedite the transition. One primary concern is getting some of the important paperwork in order.

The child’s birth certificate is a key piece of documentation you will want to secure. Depending on the circumstances of the adoption, getting a hold of the birth certificate could take some work. But without the birth certificate, the child could later face difficulties when attempting to acquire a passport or other such documents.

You also want to get in touch with your insurance company. If all goes well, the day the child comes to live with you, he or she will be covered by your plan. But you want to submit all the required documentation, such as the adoption petition, as required by the insurance provider.

Additionally, find out if your insurance provider places any exclusions on pre-existing conditions. An adopted child who is eligible for a subsidy to cover special needs costs may be able to receive benefits through Medicaid.

Your child will also need a Social Security number. If the child already has a number, it may be possible to use a new birth certificate to retain that number and have his or her name changed on the account. Or you may need to get the child an entirely new number. But the child will have to have a Social Security number in order to be claimed as a dependent.

Adopting a child can bring many wonderful changes to your life, but the process has its complications. A California family law attorney may be able to offer you the advice and guidance you need to finalize your adoption so you can begin your new lives together as a family.

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