What can I use virtual visitation for in California?


Going through a custody battle in California is never easy, even if you and the other parent have a decent relationship. No one wants to relinquish the custody of their children. It’s a difficult situation that can become even more challenging when issues crop up during the process of drafting an agreement. So, what can you use virtual visitation for?

One of the best things to use virtual visitation for is when you are on an extended business trip and can’t visit with your child in person. Download a video chat program to your phone or tablet, or use the video conference option on your phone to spend time with your child. This is great when wanting to find out how their day went, to help with homework or to go through their bedtime routine with them.

Another use for virtual visitation is for parents in the military. Emails, text messages, video chats and phone calls can make it easier to stay connected with your child while you are serving the country. You don’t have to be on active deployment to make this work either.

You can also use virtual visitation to watch your child in a concert, recital, play or sporting event when you cannot be present. Simply ask a friend, family member or the other parent to connect with you on the video chat app so you don’t miss this important event.

As you can see, virtual visitation can play an important role in your relationship with your child. You need to use this method wisely and not as a replacement for physical interactions. Make sure you have an agreement in place with the other parent as to how this will work.

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