Understanding divorce through a children’s TV show

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Understanding divorce through a children’s TV show

In divorce, parents are required to resolve the legal issues of child custody, support and property division. However, because divorce may be stressful to children, some parents may have a difficult time explaining the situation to them. Naturally, children are not likely to want their parents to divorce, but it does happen. “Sesame Street” has now tackled the sensitive topic of divorce, in hopes of helping children cope with this important issue.

“Sesame Street” is, of course, a famous American children’s show and children from all 50 states, including California, love the characters on the show.

Apparently, “Sesame Street” attempted to tackle the topic of divorce on their show 20 years ago when they cast an elephant named Snuffy. But the kids who watched that test episode cried and became confused and worried about the elephant. But now, the children’s television show is about to take on the challenge again after two decades.

The writers and producers of the show are now ready to release a new version of an episode about divorce. The episode will use Abby Cadabby, a pink fairy, who will discuss her parents’ divorce through drawings. In that segment, the cast puppets will draw a picture of their homes and Abby will draw two pictures: one where she is with her dad and one where she is with her mom. Another cast member discusses divorce and the segment will end with a duet about how parents love their children although they live separately.

The new “Sesame Street” episode about divorce is not available on air but will be available online to target a specific audience–families who have gone through divorce, especially children. This show may help parents explain divorce to their children in a more positive way.

Divorce for parents with young children is never easy. However, the one goal of many divorces is to provide the best possible outcome for the children. That is why courts look to the best interests of the child when determining issues such as custody and visitation rights.

Source: Time, “‘D’ is for Divorce: Sesame Street Tackles another Touchy Topic,” Jessica Bennett, Dec. 10, 2012

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