The potential impact of ObamaCare on family law

The potential impact of ObamaCare on family law

ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA), has been in the spotlight since it was signed into law on March 23, 2010. The law was enacted to provide affordable health care coverage, discounts and services to Americans who do not otherwise have coverage. However, some ObamaCare critics are wary about its potential impact on the economy and on people in general.

For example, a recent study released by the National Center for Policy Analysis stated that the act is likely to affect family law issues, specifically divorced and unmarried couples. According to the study, ObamaCare may discourage couples from marrying. In the ACA, legal residents of the United States are entitled to health insurance, and subsidies will be available to individuals with up to $45,000 in income or to families of four with up to $94,000 in income. However, an expert noted that as the family accumulates more income, their potential subsidies under decrease as well.

As a result, unmarried couples who move in together will enjoy the benefits of the reform, but married couples with moderate income will not. Additionally, some married couples may even contemplate divorce to save money under ObamaCare’s subsidy program. The result could be an upward trend of unmarried couples.

The cost of health care is an issue that affects many Americans, including residents of Orange County, California. The potential impact of ObamaCare on family law issues shows how couples need to pay attention to how federal and state laws affect their lives. The decision to marry, for instance, could have a long-term negative effect on an unwitting couple’s future together. Similarly, married couples who are contemplating divorce should weigh the ramifications under ObamaCare.

If a couple is considering either marriage or divorce, they should take health care costs into account, and their decision might be best discussed with a family law attorney.

Source: Fox Business, “ObamaCare Subsidy Program Discouraging Marriage,” Kate Rogers, Nov. 12, 2013

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