The child support you receive can change with your child’s needs


As a parent receiving child support, you know that the needs of your child can change rapidly, and may easily overwhelm your resources if the child support you receive is not paid in full or is not sent in a timely manner. But, even if your child’s other parent pays his or her support obligations on time, the child’s needs may change so significantly that you need to revisit the terms of your child support agreement.

The good news is that it is generally possible to amend your child support agreement to increase the support you receive, as long as your circumstances meet certain requirements. It is important to clearly document the changes in your child’s needs. In order to compel a court to amend your child support order because of your child’s changing needs, you must demonstrate that these changes are significant and long-lasting enough to warrant the amendment. Any receipts or payment schedules you can produce, or any other documentation of the increased expenses of raising your child, are crucial to this process. Be sure to carefully gather as much proof of the changes as you can.

It is also worth considering whether or not your child’s other parent can practically afford an increase in child support. If he or she is unable to make greater payments, your problem is not satisfactorily solved and you risk causing more complications for both of you. You may find that your child’s increased needs may qualify you for additional assistance from private or government subsidized sources.

Navigating these issues can easily feel overwhelming to a parent already bearing primary responsibility for raising a child. Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced family law attorney who can walk with you through this difficult season and ensure that you consider all your options as you work to provide the best life you can for the child you love.

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