Supporting your children financially is a parental responsibility


Having to give your ex money on a regular basis isn’t something that most people will do willingly. When you have a child together, you don’t really have a choice about the matter if you are ordered to pay child support and don’t want to get into legal trouble. You must realize that child support payments aren’t actually going to your ex, they are going to your child. Your ex is simply the legal adult who has to receive those payments.

We understand that child support orders might seem to be a burden. When you think about this, you will likely realize that you would have given the same amount or more if you and your ex were still in a relationship. Child support payments shouldn’t be thought of as a burden, but rather as a way to give your child financial support while you can’t be there physically.

There is a chance that things will happen that will change your financial situation while you are paying child support. These can make it more difficult to pay or they might mean that you can actually afford to pay more. In these cases, a child support modification petition is likely in order. These petitions can be filed by either parent, but must be based on a valid reason.

We can help you with all matters related to child support, from getting the initial child support order set to getting a modification in place. It is imperative that your child has the financial support that he or she deserves, so make sure that you keep up on your payments. Being current on your payments can help you to avoid legal issues that come with delinquent payments.

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