Strengthen your upcoming marriage with a prenuptial agreement


Creating a strong marriage that goes the distance often begins well before two people actually tie the knot and get married. In almost all cases, relationships where each partner clearly expresses their expectations and understands the expectations of the other partner are healthier and stand a better chance of weathering the storms that any marriage inevitably encounters.

One of the best ways you can express your expectations to your future spouse and learn the expectations of your partner is by working together to create a personalized prenuptial agreement. Not only can you use it to protect yourself and your spouse from each others’ debts and establish financial boundaries, you can also use it to express your hopes for the future, even though the future is uncertain.

Creating these agreements to be legal means that each partner must review the other partner’s finances and must understand the terms of the agreement and in order to properly consent to them. Prenuptial agreements that exist to truly protect each member of a marriage from outside pressures can truly strengthen a marriage if the spouses involved understand the value and power of creating such a document.

While some spouses may use a prenuptial agreement to create an exit strategy if the marriage goes south, this is a cynical use of a neutral tool. Don’t make the make the mistake of missing out on important protections that may save your marriage in the future because of an unfortunate misconception of the value of such agreements. An experienced attorney can help you examine your relationship and determine how to create a prenuptial agreement that represents your marriage while protecting the rights of both spouses.

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