Sherri Shepherd loses child support appeal

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Sherri Shepherd loses child support appeal

Every day, around the world, there are babies being born to parents who are excited about their arrival, but also some who are terrified. Bringing a child into this world is a big decision for any couple to make, so when they are considering it, they should really think about why they want to have a baby. Even when two people believe that they want a baby together, that doesn’t mean they don’t change their minds once they see that the relationship isn’t working out. It is in these types of situations that some parents abandon their responsibilities and try to leave the child to grow up with only one parent in their life.

After a long battle with her ex-husband, actress Sherri Shepherd failed to win her final child support appeal. Shepherd was hoping that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would decide that she did not have to pay child support for her one-year-old son with her ex, but the court ruled that it could not stand in the way of enforcement of the agreement that both she and her husband signed stating that they accept legal parentage and custody of the child, who was carried by a surrogate. As a result, she has been ordered to make monthly child support payments of $4,100.

It was reported that in an interview, Shepherd expressed that she did not want the child, but because her marriage was falling apart, she thought the baby would salvage what was left. During the pregnancy, things between Shepherd and her husband worsened, which led to the surrogate being named the mother of the child. This was a breach of contract, and a lower court found that Shepherd was to uphold her financial obligations. Although this is a unique case, it could happen to any parent who decides that they do not have to make child support payments to their son or daughter, whether they have a surrogate or birth their child in the traditional way.

When two people make the decision to have a child together, and they end their marriage or relationship, some parents may choose not to take responsibility for their child. This is unfair, and no child should be cared for by one parent, especially when it was agreed that both parents would be present in the child’s life. Any parent who wishes to be awarded child support for their son or daughter should consider contacting an attorney for assistance.

Source: Community Digital News, “Who’s your mama? Sherri Shepherd loses maternity suit,“Myra Fleischer, Mar. 29, 2016

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