LuAnn de Lesseps plans to get a prenuptial with future husband

LuAnn de Lesseps plans to get a prenuptial with future husband

There are many people who go into a marriage without property and assets, just as there are those who go into marriage with them. Regardless of what a couple may or may not have before marriage, this doesn’t mean they can’t get a prenuptial agreement. Ideally, they are for people who want to protect their property and assets. However, these agreements can set terms and iron out other divorce legal matters before a divorce happens. As a result, people from all different financial backgrounds choose to have one drafted before entering a marriage.

LuAnn de Lesseps, star of The Real Housewives of New York, recently discussed her future plans. These plans include getting a prenuptial agreement. The star explained that she and her soon-to-be-husband both have a significant amount of assets, and so they feel a prenuptial agreement is in their best interests .

Many times, spouses do not agree that getting a prenuptial agreement is the best idea. In fact, many people may feel that a prenuptial agreement is a good reason not to marry someone. However, no one enjoys having to share with an ex-spouse the items they owned before the marriage or money they earned for themselves. For those who decide to go through with a prenuptial agreement, they may find it brings peace of mind.

A prenuptial agreement is a great idea when two people want to protect themselves and their property and assets. While many may not feel it is romantic, they may also see that it may protect them in the future. Speaking to an attorney about this topic would be helpful as they can answer any questions and assist during the drafting process.

Source: E! Online, “LuAnn de Lesseps Talks Prenups and How She Really Feels About Her Fiancé’s Romantic Past With Sonja Morgan,” Lily Harrison, April 5, 2016

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