Set the tone for your divorce through mediation


If you’re in an unhealthy marriage, the chances are high that you are considering a divorce. However, many spouses don’t know where to start with divorce, or worry that the process will be so difficult that they simply can’t bear to go through with it.

This is especially true of individuals whose spouses are temperamental. If you worry about how your spouse will respond when you think about bringing up divorce, it may help to speak with an attorney to get some solid facts about the divorce process and examine strategies you can use to keep the matter professional and civil.

While many of us see explosive divorces on TV or maybe witnessed some in our own lives, divorce does not have to be a battle to the death. If you want to achieve a civil, respectful divorce, you may have more options than you think.

The important thing now is to take steps forward until you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. An experienced attorney can help you understand the next steps in divorce as you chart a path to a new life on the other side of a difficult marriage.

Mediation can help create a fair process

Divorce mediation is useful in many, many cases. Unlike a divorce with traditional litigation, both sides sit down with a trained mediator whose job it is to help each party reach fair agreements with each other.

While each spouse may choose to include their own legal counsel, mediation still focuses on finding fair agreements where both parties sacrifice some things and both parties also win. This may not undo years of relationship conflicts, but it can help you end the marriage on civil terms.

Mediated divorce is often quicker

Another reason many couples choose to use divorce mediation over litigating a divorce in court is the possibility of finalizing the divorce more quickly. Of course, if one party refuses to cooperate, then a quick divorce is much more difficult.

Mediation can achieve nearly all of the things necessary for divorce outside of court, which means that you do not depend so heavily on the schedule of the court, which can speed up the process considerably.

Mediated divorce grants greater privacy

While the things that transpire in a courtroom during a divorce hearing are public record, mediation sessions are generally not public record. If you or your spouse value your privacy, then mediated divorce is often an excellent way to avoid creating publicly available transcripts of your personal matters.

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