Mediation can benefit couples who are prepared to cooperate

Mediation can benefit couples who are prepared to cooperate

Going to trial is likely not necessary for divorcing couples who are on reasonably amicable terms. If you and your ex are able to comfortably communicate, your best move may be to settle the issues of your divorce by meeting with a mediator. A mediator’s role is to act in an empathetic and impartial manner to help divorcing couples come to mutually agreed upon terms.

Mediators carry no legal power. They are not judges, so meeting with one is a much more relaxed proposition than appearing in court. In fact, mediation typically involves just you, your ex and the mediator discussing your issues in private.

Going the mediator route has a number of advantages. First, working with a mediator can accelerate the divorce process, which can mean saving money and time. Moreover, a mediator can help you create a very detailed agreement that meets your specific needs.

Attorneys are not part of the mediation process. But if you are considering working with a mediator, an experienced family attorney can provide you with invaluable guidance and advice. First, an attorney can assess your overall circumstances. It is vital that you and your ex are on good enough terms to sit together in a room and discuss things calmly and rationally. Keep in mind that some issues, such as child custody and property division, can quickly become contentious. An attorney can give you an honest opinion regarding your chances of benefiting from the services of a mediator.

And if mediation is a viable option, the attorney can help you prepare for your sessions by telling you what to expect once you go behind closed doors. The attorney can also prepare a strategy aimed at protecting your interests and rights that you can employ to help get the terms you desire.

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