San Diego couple adopts three sisters

San Diego couple adopts three sisters

The best things in life often come in threes. A San Diego couple got more than they originally thought that they wanted when they ended up adopting three sisters. For a long time, the couple wished to have a child and struggled with infertility for many years. Then their social worker called with the good news. Instead of only one child, the adoptive parents were matched with three sisters.

Although adopting the girls — aged 12, 11 and nine years — had some challenges, the adoptive parents could not think of a more perfect way to start a family. It has been eight years since they adopted the sisters and they are ecstatic about having children of their own.

The adopted sisters could not be more grateful. They had bad experiences while they were in foster care. Nevertheless, everything has changed — they now have loving parents and a roof over their heads. One of the adopted children admitted that they were shy at first but they got used to their new family. They even went to Disneyland for the first time and traveled out of the county.

The couple and the children originally met at a picnic that the county held for prospective parents and foster children. The girls moved into their new home in September and the adoption was finalized right before Thanksgiving.

Many people would love to have children of their own. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to conceive a child. Treatments can be very expensive and may not be successful.

Adoption is a family law concern that can allow loving parents the opportunity to raise a child, but it can be both challenging and fulfilling. Aside from proving financial and physical capability to support a child’s upbringing, a person also has to file the required documents, undergo training and parenting seminars and endure house visits in order to adopt.

Source: CBS 8, “Success Story: Three sisters find a loving forever home,” Marcella Lee, Jan. 14, 2014

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