The COVID-19 pandemic and the circumstances it created have had many unforeseen side-effects, including an increase in divorce rates in the US. In fact, the number of couples seeking a divorce in 2020 in the US has jumped by 34 percent. Couples, especially young couples and those married within the past five years, have been hit hard by the new and unique circumstances forced upon them. Due to the pandemic, many have suddenly found themselves spending a lot more time together. For some, the marriage has been stronger, but it has revealed the necessity of divorce for others.

Many people faced employment issues, and finances were tight. Additionally, having children at home and managing their school was an added stressor. Any one of these factors alone can place stress on relationships. When these elements stack up, conflicts arise, which often lead to divorce. One problem these couples face is that divorces take a long time. For many unhappy couples stuck working together from home, unable to visit friends and family, months spent in court contesting their divorce is not an option. While divorces take a long time under normal circumstances, with divorce rates so high and many law firms shutting down or accepting limited cases, they can take even longer.

Why Divorce Is a Slow Process

Before it can be settled, a divorce is generally “contested.” You can think of a divorce as a kind of legal agreement. In most divorce cases, there are matters of support, custody, retirement, properties, and other financial matters which need to be negotiated in court before reaching an agreement and, finally, a resolution. This process of negotiating an agreement about who gets what is known as “contesting” and often takes a very long time. This process takes place in court and can be a slow and arduous ordeal for all parties involved.

Typically, couples spend months in court contesting the details of their divorce. When this final agreement is reached, the divorce goes from being “contested” to “uncontested” and can, at last, be finalized. With so many unhappy couples stuck in the same house together during this pandemic, spending many long months negotiating the details of their separation can sound downright awful. So, what other possibilities are there for couples looking to get their divorce settled more quickly?

A Quickie Divorce

You might have heard of a ‘quickie divorce’ or a ‘weekend divorce.’ This concept came about due to this year’s higher than average number of couples trying to get divorced. Understandably, many of these couples did not want to spend months battling it out in court. Instead, they chose an alternative option. In a “quickie divorce,” couples work together with a divorce lawyer to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom. The months spent contesting the divorce’s legal elements are usually the hardest part of the whole process and take the most time. In a “quickie divorce, couples work together with a divorce attorney to reach an agreement on their own and completely skip the long process of contesting the divorce in court. Working towards a resolution in this way can greatly speed up the process for many couples.

The Realities of a Quickie Divorce

Although this alternative method of divorce is sometimes referred to as a “weekend divorce,” it cannot realistically be finalized in a single weekend. However, with the mediation and guidance of a good divorce attorney, an agreement can be reached between couples over the course of a few days. Once the agreement is reached, there would still be some other legal matters and paperwork to be settled before the separation was complete, but the long process of “contesting” the divorce would be cut out.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce or have already started the process, you might consider a “quickie divorce” and working with a divorce attorney to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom. This process can see divorces finalized much smoother and quicker than ones carried out in the traditional way. It is also a good option if courtrooms close down in the future to divorce cases due to the pandemic like they did in some areas earlier this year.

Ask About Your Divorce Options

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