One of the most difficult things to do when you decide to divorce a spouse is to figure out what resolution method is going to work for your situation. You have two primary options – go through mediation or take the case to court. Both options are ideal for specific cases, so look into both.

Typically, the more complex your divorce, the more likely you are going to have to go through a trial. Even if you choose to pursue mediation for a complex situation, you might find that it takes much longer than you expected. You will probably need several professionals to determine the value of the assets.

When you and your ex can work out the terms of the divorce through mediation, you will compromise with each other using the help of a neutral third party. You have to decide about every aspect of the split. This includes everything from who gets the marital home to which person walks away with the silverware.

Around 95% of divorces are settled without a trial, so don’t automatically assume that you have to go through a long court process. As long as you and your ex can put your differences aside to work out the deal, you can probably avoid a trial.

There are sometimes circumstances that make mediation impossible. If your spouse was abusive or is a narcissist, there is very little chance that a resolution without a trial will happen. In these cases, it might be best to focus on getting ready for court instead of trying to go through mediation. The key here is that you need to protect your rights to a fair settlement while also protecting your mental health.