Newly divorced finding new ways to celebrate change

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In one instance, a newly divorced woman who had ended her marriage after discovering that her husband had been engaged in an extramarital affair, held a divorce party, inviting a number of friends to relax, enjoy some refreshments, and laugh as she consigned her former wedding gown to flames. This trend of throwing divorce parties is rapidly spreading throughout the country.

While such a party once might have been viewed as a bizarre and unconventional anomaly, businesses which provide party suppliers report that divorce parties have become increasingly common. Given that the rate of divorce is close to half of all marriages, it is relatively commonplace for couples to split up It is not surprising, then, that some people going through it may want to hold a party to serve as a rite of passage, much like a wedding. It is also important to have the encouragement from friends to help a person move on and take advantage of the new freedom; to explore the possibilities and to make something positive of it.

One novelty company marketed such humorous items as ex-husband toilet paper, and modified groom cake toppers with a groom who is decapitated. Many other gag items with similar themes are flying off the shelves of party supply stores.

Newly divorced men and women are increasingly realizing that divorce is not the end and it is the start of a new beginning of the rest of their life, which they intend to enjoy and approach with zest and great expectations.

Source:, “How Divorce Parties Became the New Bachelorettes,” Michelle Ruiz, Oct. 10, 2012

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