Most Separations Lead to Divorce in California

Although divorce may be more common these days, many California couples are opting to try out a separation first in many cases. Separations are quite common. In fact, some sources say that it is more common for a couple to go through a separation first than it is for couples to immediately divorce. This could mean that if you and your spouse are considering a separation, it may not hurt to be prepared for ending the relationship in a divorce.

A new study has suggested that nearly 80 percent of couples who separate ultimately end up getting a divorce. For any number of reasons, a couple may decide that a separation is preferable to going straight to a divorce. There may be children at home, it may be a couple’s first marriage or the marriage may have lasted a significant amount of time. For these, and a number of other reasons, a couple may not want to jump right into a divorce.

However, most couples do end up divorcing after a separation. Whether a separation lasts less than a year or drags on for over 10 years, 79 percent of those couples will dissolve the marriage. According to the study, though, a small percentage of couples reunite after a separation as long as it has not exceeded three years. After that, resolution is very rare.

What a California couple may want to keep in mind if they are considering a separation is that a divorce is a possible outcome. Preparing for the dissolution of a marriage is certainly not easy or enjoyable. However, with the time that a separation may offer, it may be a good idea to get finances under control and seek the advice of an attorney.

Source: USA Today, “Splitting? 79% of marital separations end in divorce,” Sharon Jayson, May 6, 2012

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