Kobe Bryant marriage on the rebound

Kobe Bryant marriage on the rebound

When a couple files for divorce in California, there is a six-month waiting period between the time a person files and when the divorce is complete. This period of time is ultimately intended to make sure there is no possibility of reconciliation. In most cases, after the six months are over, an estranged couple completes their divorce. However, sometimes that period of time gives a couple the chance to rethink their decision to divorce and they must reassess their situation.

Nearly six months after Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa filed for divorce from the NBA star, the couple appears to be working on reconciling. This Monday would have marked six months after the day Vanessa officially filed for divorce. Reports indicate, however, that Vanessa did not sign off on the divorce, putting the split on hold.

The couple has been seen out in public together and with their two daughters in the past several weeks. Sources say that they have each refocused their efforts on their family and making the marriage work. This does not necessarily mean, however, that the divorce is completely off the table. Vanessa could still decide to sign the divorce papers at any time. However, it seems as though there are no plans for that.

Leading up to the divorce, speculations were made regarding what Kobe would lose in his divorce. Reports of extramarital affairs fueled the debate over what and how much his wife could hope to be awarded. She stands to gain three mansions that the couple shares, $75 million in marital assets as well as additional money for child support.

The waiting period leading up to a divorce in California can certainly help couples cool down and reconsider their decisions. However, in many cases, the waiting period is but a small stop on the way the dissolution of a marriage. More often than not, couples can use this time to work with an attorney to go over what the future may look like and what to expect.

Source: ABC News, “Report: Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Will Not Divorce,” June 12, 2012

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