Know how to handle child support matters


Going through a child custody case involves a lot more than just who spends time with the children and when. These cases also have to determine when child support is appropriate. There are a host of factors that the court considers when child support is being considered. We can help you find out how these factors will impact your case.

Child support is often a contentious issue within child custody matters. This is because parents sometimes fall into the habit of thinking that the child support is support for the parent and not the child. This isn’t the case. Child support is meant to be exactly what the name implies — support for the child.

We can help you determine how much financial support might be appropriate for your case. This is usually provided to the parent who has primary custody of the child. It takes the income of both parents and the standard of living that the child is accustomed to into account.

Once a child support order is issued, the parents must comply with it. If there are any issues with the order, such as if the paying parent becomes unemployed and can’t pay, child support modifications are possible. Up until a new order is issued, the paying parent should continue to make the payments.

Under no circumstances should a parent withhold child support in an effort to get a new custody arrangement. Further, visitation with the child shouldn’t be withheld because child support payments didn’t come through.

No matter what issue you have with child support, The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers, APC can help you find the solution. You should find out your options as soon as you know that you might need to take action.

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