How do I talk to my partner about a prenuptial agreement?


In the lead-up to a marriage, there are many important conversations that you and your partner need to have, but many of them are very difficult to bring up. This is especially true when it comes to a prenuptial agreement. For many soon-to-be spouses, now knowing how to get into this conversation keeps them from having it at all, which is often a big mistake.

Probably the easiest way to bring it up is to say that you had a conversation with you lawyer and that he or she strongly recommended you and your partner create a prenuptial agreement. Fortunately, this is not a trick — every lawyer you speak to will agree that a prenuptial agreement is absolutely essential to protecting a marriage.

If you suspect that your partner may respond more favorably to the idea coming from a source other than yourself, you can both consult with a lawyer about ways to protect your marriage. Your lawyer can help you both understand the value of the prenuptial agreement together, without either of you seeming as though you’re trying to trick the other partner into acting against his or her own best interests.

Prenuptial agreements truly do have the power to protect both spouses in a marriage, and they don’t even have to wait until divorce to take effect. Once you and your partner understand the scope of protection that a prenuptial agreement can offer and the ways it can strengthen, not weaken, your marriage, convincing the one you love to sign a document that protects you both is much, much easier.

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