Issues with interstate child custody

Issues with interstate child custody

Two parents who are no longer in a relationship may experience many issues when it comes to child custody. Ideally, it would be nice if both parents could agree on how the child will be raised and who he or she will live with, but there are some instances where they dispute instead. Oftentimes, these disputes over child custody will land the parents in court where a judge will make the decision for them, which is something not all parents enjoy.

After a judge awards one parent custody, it is not uncommon for the non-custodial parent to experience resistance from the custodial parent when it comes time for the child to spend time with them. For some parents, they have gone to the extreme and moved the child out of the state so the child and non-custodial parent will see each other less. This is a serious interstate child custody issue that should be addressed as soon as possible because it is preventing the child from spending quality time with the non-custodial parent.

It is never OK for a parent to move away without the permission of the other parent or without informing the courts of their plan. Children deserve to have the opportunity to spend time with both of their parents, but if one takes that option away, it can affect the child negatively. This is why parents should consider how moving away may damage both their child and the other parent, whether they do so with or without the permission of the courts or the other parent.

For any child custody issue, parents should contact an attorney. Child custody cases can be emotional and trying for parents and children, so it is important that parents do what they can to make the process easier for their children. An attorney may be able to help parents find an arrangement that they are both comfortable with and is also best for the child.

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