Failure to get a prenup costs Giada De Laurentis millions

Failure to get a prenup costs Giada De Laurentis millions

When people get a prenuptial agreement, they believe it is a wise decision for several reasons. With this type of agreement keeping a person’s assets and property protected should they divorce their spouse, many with significant assets may strongly consider having their spouse sign one. For those who have a lot to lose, but fail to get a prenuptial agreement, during the divorce they may quickly realize that they have made a mistake.

Giada De Laurentis, who is a celebrity chef, has divorced her husband and, due to the couple not having a prenup in place, it is costing her millions. Allegedly, she has already been ordered to pay him $9,000 per month in child support, and the couple’s house, which was worth $3.2 million, was awarded to him as well. Her former husband also received a portion of her lucrative cookbook advances.

Some people do not realize the importance of a prenuptial agreement until they are getting a divorce. It was not stated why De Laurentis and her former husband did not get a prenup, but this is the perfect example of what can happen when couples opt to handle divorce matters when they occur instead of protecting themselves and setting terms before they marry. When given the chance, couples may want to consider getting a prenup and avoid the long, drawn out disputes that may occur during the divorce process.

When one person has significant assets, they may want to consider getting a prenuptial agreement. If a divorce occurs, they will be protected and may be able to avoid any losses financially. Anyone considering a prenup may want to contact an attorney prior to getting married.

Source: The California Post, “Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis is officially divorced,” Ellie Davis, Sept. 4, 2015

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