How to modify a divorce judgment

How to modify a divorce judgment

The divorce process is not an easy one, especially when spouses decide to go back and forth and dispute over certain things. Once things are finalized, whether it is settled by a judge or the spouses have decided to work together, there will be a divorce decree that outlines the terms of the divorce. In some cases, what is outlined in the decree isn’t always what one or both spouses want, or they may need to change it at some point in time. When a divorce judgment needs to be changed, a request needs to be made.

Those interested in modifying their divorce judgment or decree can get the following changed:

  • Child custody.
  • Child support.
  • Visitation schedule.
  • Alimony.

Since you are only requesting that one aspect of the decree or judgment be changed, there is a chance that the courts will agree to the change, depending on what you have requested. Some people choose to appeal their divorce decree entirely, but it is not very often that the decision is made to overturn the court’s ruling on the matter. This means that filing a motion to modify your divorce judgment or decree may be the best option for you.

People may believe that what the courts decide during the divorce process is final, but if it is necessary, they can request to modify the judgment. If it is something like lowering child support payments because of changes in their circumstances,  they may prove this to a judge and could get their decree modified. Even those who are not sure of what the outcome will be may want to make an attempt and speak with an attorney, as they can assist with the process.

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