How to divorce from a bully and secure post-divorce finances

How to divorce from a bully and secure post-divorce finances

In Orange County, California, many people are likely to feel sorry once they hear someone is going through a divorce. However, putting emotions aside, divorce is a way to provide a fresh start to someone, especially if they are escaping an abusive marital relationship.

For those who are considering divorcing a domineering spouse, the divorcing partner should plan ahead before proceeding to divorce to protect his or her personal finances. But that’s not always possible. If the domineering spouse is physically abusive, the first thing to do is to get out of the house, financially ready or not.

Life after divorce means that an ex-spouse has to depend on personal finances, not just the support of the other spouse. The soon-to-be single spouse should look for an independent source of income, such as getting a job. Next, the spouse should look for financial documents to prove the balances of shared accounts. This process includes checking with the family’s accountant, a bank representative, family computer or even checking the trash. This is to ensure that the other spouse will not siphon out money from shared finances.

The spouse who plans to divorce a controlling partner should also open a personal bank account, preferably at another bank. In addition, the spouse should also establish a separate retirement plan and credit cards. If possible, the spouse can also close joint bank accounts and joint credit cards.

Finally, the first spouse to petition a divorce has the advantage over the other spouse. This can prove useful if the controlling spouse freezes or drains the money from the account because the judge may award attorney’s fees and living allowances to the other spouse.

The end of a marriage is not the end of the world. Sometimes, a partner must let go of a controlling spouse in order to start anew and live positively. For residents of Orange County, California, who are planning to divorce, consulting a legal professional is very helpful. The legal professional can guide the spouse through the divorce process and help settle divorce issues.

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