How addiction can undermine a relationship

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Many things can ruin a relationship and lead to divorce. Different couples face different challenges. Every case has its own unique factors to take into account.

One thing to think about, though, is the role that addiction can play. There are a few ways that it can push a couple to the edge.

Naturally, it’s easy to imagine how a destructive addiction can become a problem. If someone is addicted to gambling, for instance, then they may use up all of the family’s money on that addiction. There will be a point where the person’s partner just has to leave for their own well-being.

However, addictions that aren’t as clearly obvious can also be problematic because they provide a sense of comfort and support when things aren’t going well. This means that, at a time when spouses should look to one another for this support, one person is not providing it. They feel as though they’re getting their support from the addiction. It could be alcohol or drugs, for example. Even food can be an addiction.

This ends the relationship because it pushes the individuals farther apart rather than helping them come together. It can also lead to dangerous and unhealthy attitudes toward foods, drugs or alcohol. These are major expenses, health issues and possible safety issues.

As you can see, it’s not hard for a serious addiction to make things spiral out of control. If this happens in your relationship, if your partner is addicted and you need to seek a divorce and move on, make sure you know what steps to take.

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