Help your children to cope with the change divorce brings


When you are dealing with a child custody issue, it is easy to focus on what you feel your ex is doing wrong. Instead of putting your efforts on something so negative, try to focus on what you can do to make your child’s life a more positive experience. One way that you can do this is by supporting them so that they can see change as a good event.

Learning that your parents are divorcing is a major source of stress for some children. They might worry about what is going to happen to them now. The uncertainty is sometimes the source of the problem. In these cases, discussing the schedule and some of the basic information about the child custody agreement might be beneficial.

Another thing you can do is give your children a safe place to talk about their feelings. While it is important to demand respect in these situations, try not to discount what your children are saying. Sometimes, especially with younger children, putting feeling into words isn’t easy. Help them to find appropriate ways to express their feelings.

Dealing with your ex might be a source of stress for you. This stress might spill over into your interactions with the children. Take a step back from the situation to give yourself time to calm down. Think about the options you have for handling the situation and make a decision about what you are going to do based on what you feel is best for your children.

One of the best things that you can do when you are getting divorced is to work out the parenting plan as quickly as possible. This provides your children with stability since things like the schedule are outlined in the agreement.

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