Grandparents anchors for grandchildren during divorce

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Grandparents anchors for grandchildren during divorce

Californians know that divorce can be a challenging experience, not only to divorcing spouses, but also to their children. While parents may be eager to end their marriage when things turn sour, children are often in a different frame of mind as they enter a world of emotional distress and worry.

As a family law concern, divorce can so drastically alter children’s relationships that grandparents who can keep their cool become anchors in their lives. Even though grandparents may feel the same emotions their grandchildren are feeling — sadness, anxiety and anger — they can offer support and stability when children need it most.

According to one authority on parenting, a grandparent should stay neutral and help both parties as they go through divorce. This approach will not only maintain cordial relations with a soon-to-be former in-law, but also avoid passing along negative or antagonistic behavior to the grandchildren. Even though their parents may be divorcing and the children have their own feelings about each parent, they usually do not want to hear anything bad about either one.

However, in addition to staying in tune to the grandchildren’s needs, grandparents may worry about whether the divorce will affect their ability to maintain a relationship. If necessary, grandparents may be able to seek help from the California courts to obtain visitation rights. The court will look at factors such as the parents’ relationship status and consider the parents’ opinion on granting visitation rights.

Going through divorce is physically and emotionally challenging for everyone, including both the children and grandparents. Such family law issues can be addressed with the help and support of family and friends. While parents tackle issues surrounding the end of marriage such as property division, child support and child custody with the help of legal professionals; grandparents can be anchors for their grandchildren.

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