Getting remarried? Consider a prenuptial agreement

Getting remarried? Consider a prenuptial agreement

If you are about to get married for the second or third time, you are certainly not alone. Recent reports suggest that nearly 43 percent of marriages these days involve a bride or groom who have been married before. And, if you are among these couples, you may have learned a few lessons from a first marriage. One of the issues that many remarried spouses in California should consider before saying “I do” again is having a prenuptial agreement in place.

After going through one divorce, people may be more cautious in subsequent marriages. They understand that, despite their best efforts, a marriage doesn’t always work out. Many understand the reality of how difficult a divorce can be when spouses need to deal with dividing assets and spousal support.

Before going through this again, then, a person may want to address certain issues before a wedding. For example, a couple may want to discuss plans for a family, perspectives on finances and future goals. Having an open discussion about these issues may be a little uncomfortable, but it can prevent serious arguments after the wedding.

If a person has assets that they want to protect, having a prenuptial agreement could be essential. In cases when the people who are getting remarried are a little older, it is likely that they have more substantial assets and properties and children that they must consider. A prenuptial agreement can help couples start a marriage in a fair and equitable manner.

Having a prenuptial agreement drawn up doesn’t mean that you will need to use it. Couples certainly hope that a marriage will last a lifetime, in which case the prenup wouldn’t do anything. However, those who have had to deal with at least one divorce may realize how beneficial a prenuptial agreement can be.

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