Finding a speedy resolution to child custody arrangements

Finding a speedy resolution to child custody arrangements

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce likely has to do with determining an arrangement for child custody. In California, it is typically preferred that each parent play an active participating role in raising a child, but it is not uncommon for parents to dispute this arrangement out of anger or resentment towards each other. However, keeping a child’s best interests in mind is the most important factor in child custody arrangements.

Recently, many people were shocked at the speed with which Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were able to come to an agreement regarding their divorce and custody of their daughter, Suri. But parents don’t have to be wealthy or famous to be able to resolve custody quickly and without a trial.

When parents are both committed to having an arrangement that benefits the child most, a speedy resolution is more likely. By putting that child’s wellbeing ahead of bitter emotions about a failed marriage, parents can develop the most positive plan for parenting.

Often, one or both parents have a tendency to make unrealistic requests or unreasonable demands. By keeping expectations rational, there is less likelihood that negotiations will have to be drawn out to address impractical concerns.

When parents are divorcing after years of parenting together, keeping some of the long-established agreements in place is best. Just because a couple is divorcing does not mean that they need to change everything about how the child is raised. Maintaining the same established goals when it comes to education, observing the holidays and other similar issues is crucial to coming to a quick resolution.

Finally, it can be easy for parents to slip into focusing on the minutia of day-to-day life when determining child custody. By being flexible and understanding that some things will change as a child grows, parents can focus on the big picture of raising a child.

When parents are dedicated to achieving a quick resolution and can put aside their differences, a child custody arrangement can be completed in such a way that all parties benefit.

Source: The Huffington Post, “How To Settle Child Custody in Holmes-Cruise Speed,” Laurie Giles, July 14, 2012

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