Divorced woman gets very real with real estate sign

When a spouse has an affair, there may be no way to recover from the damage that has been done. Some couples will try counseling or therapy, and others may just try to move on and hope it never happens again. But ultimately, spouses may discover that it is impossible to repair the marriage when a spouse has been unfaithful, and divorce may be the only solution.

As in any divorce, there are issues that must still be resolved through the process of dissolving a marriage after infidelity. This can be difficult, since there are likely strong feelings of resentment, anger and bitterness present. However, one woman decided to use her painful experience to her advantage when she put her house up for sale after her husband cheated on her.

The woman discovered that her husband was having an affair with a much younger woman. His infidelity ended the couple’s marriage and they moved on to working out the details of dividing their assets. One of the assets was the couple’s home. In order to avoid foreclosure, the two decided to put the house on the market and hope it gets sold quickly. The sale of the home has generated a lot of attention, as the woman was quite upfront on the unique For Sale sign.

The sign reads “Husband Left Us for a 22 Year Old…House For Sale by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single owner.” For good measure, the woman also specifies that “Adulterers need not apply.” The sign stands in their front yard, and has gotten a lot of attention.

The woman reported that she has received calls from all over the world asking about the house. She says that although she wanted the sign to get the listing noticed, she never expected such a high level of interest.

Some people may think that the husband would be upset about the sign, considering the fact that it makes him look pretty bad. However, he says he knew what the woman was going to do and even helped pay to have the sign made. As long as it helps sell the house, he says, he is fine with it.

Source: ABC News, “Home For Sale Sign: ‘Husband Left Us For a 22 Year Old…’,” Alex Stone, July 18, 2012

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