Filing a divorce with adult children in California

Divorce takes an emotional toll on young children. Children with divorcing parents in Orange County, California, may find themselves caught in the middle of their parents’ resentment and arguments. The end of a marriage may be a factor that can impact a child’s behavior, academic performance and sometimes even their health. However, the emotional impact of divorce on young children may be similar for adult children as well.

The issue of ending a marriage with adult children in the family may not be that easy either. Divorcing parents in California may think that adult children are mature enough to deal with the parent’s divorce. A divorce that involves adult children may seem easier because parents may not necessarily need to deal with child custody and child support. However, when it comes to the emotional impact of divorce, grown up children are no different than younger children. Failing to deal with the emotional issues of one’s children, regardless of age is one of the common mistakes of many parents today.

Parents should still protect their adult children from the pain of divorce as much as they can. In order to do that, parents should be careful about the information they convey to their adult children about the divorce. Infidelity issues should be kept between the parents only. Just like with many co-parenting tips of divorcing parents with a young child, speaking negatively about an ex-spouse is not a good idea. The same principle goes for making children pick sides. Those two issues may not only ruin a good family relationship, but also the bond between a parent and their grown up children long after the divorce is finalized.

Divorce with children is something that many California families do not want to experience. Regardless, parents should handle every issue and every situation concerning divorce with the utmost sensitivity and respect for the former spouse and the children. Good communication and compromise may also help. In doing so, the parents and the adult children may easily deal with the divorce and can move on with a positive outlook.

Source: Everyday Health, “Divorce When You Have Adult Children,” Laura Berman, Phd, Oct. 18, 2013

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