Family courts fail to protect witnesses of domestic violence

Family courts fail to protect witnesses of domestic violence

One thing that many people look forward to doing is starting a family of their own. Having a family isn’t always easy. No family is perfect, but there are many that have to deal with issues that no family should have to deal with. One of these issues is domestic violence.

Domestic violence is an issue that family courts have seemingly taken lightly in the past. In more recent years, concern has been raised about the emotional state and future of children who have witnessed domestic violence in their homes. The reason people have been so concerned about this issue is because many studies have shown that children who grow up in a home where domestic violence is present are likely to grow up and become abusers themselves. There has also been questions about how little a claim of domestic violence affects the court’s decision about child custody.

If a mother or father reports that their spouse has been abusive, many people probably believe that this is something courts will consider when they are awarding custody of a child to one or both parents. Unfortunately, many courts do not consider this a huge issue unless the parent has abused the child as well. It is important to keep the child safe from physical harm, and it is also believed that if a child lives with the parent who is the abuser, there is only more trouble to be experienced later down the line. In addition to the physical harm, emotional damage should also be considered.

It is hard enough for victims of domestic violence to deal with what has happened to them, but when the children are affected, whether it is physically or emotionally, it should be taken more seriously. Those who have been abused should contact an attorney to discuss their options about how to keep themselves and their children safe.

Source: Huffington Post, “Can Family Courts Protect Children Exposed to Domestic Violence?,” David Adams, Feb. 11, 2016

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