Divorcing with toddlers requires special attention

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Toddlers have some very unique needs because they aren’t babies any longer and are working on figuring out how to navigate in the world. This is a time when they are often clingy with their parents and need to have consistency. When their parents are in the midst of a divorce, this might be hard for the tots to handle.

Parents of toddlers have to find ways to help them thrive during the divorce. The skills they learn now and how they are helped during this time in their life can have a lasting impact on these little kids.

One way that you and your ex can try to help the kids is to keep rules consistent between homes. This does require you and your ex to work together to some extent; however, you will find that the child has an easier time with the transition from one home to the other. Things like bedtime and other major routine components should be kept as close as possible in both homes.

Another thing that you can do is to try to find ways to explain things to them without overwhelming them. They don’t really know what a divorce is and might not truly realize that there are some very serious changes going on. Getting the parenting plan in place quickly might help you to prepare the child since this will let you know the new way of doing things.

Throughout the adjustment period and long after, the child needs to know that you are here for support and love. Try to keep the atmosphere positive around the child is beneficial. Be sure to encourage them so they can speak to you if there is anything that is worrying them or making them less than happy.

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