Can I change a prenuptial agreement after marriage?


If you were recently married in California and had a prenuptial agreement created before exchanging your vows it’s likely you might need to or want to edit this agreement down the road. There are changes that happen in life that could lead to this necessity. The question here is key: Can you change the prenuptial agreement after marriage? The simple answer is yes. Let’s take a better look at this issue.

If something comes up in your life that makes you consider changing your prenuptial agreement after getting married, you need to take a long look at how it is built right now. Consider terminating the prenuptial agreement before looking to editing the document.

If you choose to edit the document, you will basically be creating a postnuptial agreement. This is the agreement that you come to with your spouse after the two of you have been married. To create this amendment to your prenuptial agreement, each spouse will need their own attorney.

Your next step is to write down the modifications of the agreement. The modifications are the items you want to now include in your agreement or remove from the prenuptial agreement now that you are married.

The closing of the postnuptial agreement must have language in it that makes it legally binding. Review the agreement as written, make changes as necessary and then both parties can sign the document.

When you go to edit your prenuptial agreement in California, it will only be as strong as the people who help you edit it. You should never attempt this on your own. Make sure you have an attorney experienced with prenuptial agreements help you make the edits.

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