Divorce in California: No need to get dramatic

Divorce in California: No need to get dramatic

Too often, couples who split up feel as though everyone else feels entitled to the details of what is commonly a very personal process. In fact, one of the most difficult parts of a divorce for many people is telling family members and friends. While some feel ashamed for ending a marriage, others feel as though it is simply no one else’s business.

Divorcing couples in California may then be very glad that they are not celebrities in the spotlight. Often times, highly publicized break ups and divorces in Hollywood are splashed across tabloids for entertainment purposes. For many of these couples, rumors and gossip regarding the split are readily spread quickly and easily by anyone.

Take, for instance, the recent announcement that Joe and Tina Simpson, who are the parents of celebrity Jessica Simpson, have filed for divorce. The couple had been together for more than 30 years when Tina filed divorce papers citing a “discord or conflict of personalities.” Despite their request for privacy and respect during the difficult time, rumors flew instantly involving infidelity and homosexuality. A representative for the family says they deny such allegations.

A typical couple who is getting divorced may not be faced with such a public reaction to the split. However, family members, friends and even acquaintances may seem to have an unwelcomed opinion or assumption about a divorce. Whether it’s a false accusation or a hurtful comment, however, the fact is that other people often interject their own ideas about a divorce when it involves someone close.

While people cannot always control the reactions of friends and family when it comes to a divorce, it is certainly possible to take control of the divorce itself. With strong legal representation and a focus on the future, a person can concentrate on moving forward in a positive way and leave the drama of an unhappy or unsatisfying marriage behind.

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