Debate regarding a family law issue erupts in Supreme Court

Debate regarding a family law issue erupts in Supreme Court

The legal system is created for the purpose of maintaining order and protection against wrongdoers. This is also applied to the family-the backbone of society. In modern times, new laws are written to fit the issues of society. There are several improvements to the law that address family law concerns. Every state in the United States has experienced the introduction of new laws and amendments to existing laws. California is no exception. Orange County, California residents may benefit from these family law changes.

Presently, there is a new case under debate by the U.S. Supreme Court. This case may be considered ground breaking. It involves a proposed revision of the law’s definition of marriage concerning gay and lesbian couples. One of the opposing people said that matrimony is a personal right and it has nothing to do with society. He added that it is part of the right of liberty, association, privacy and the pursuit of happiness.

Four years after Proposition 8, a law aimed at banning same sex marriage in California, was opposed, the public’s opinion has changed dramatically in favor of same-sex marriage. Public officials have increasingly recognized gay family members and feel that they deserve the same rights as heterosexual people.

One of the Supreme Court justices asked one of the lawyers participating in the debate at what point excluding gay men and lesbians from marriage became unconstitutional. The lawyer responded with a rhetorical question: he asked when it became unconstitutional to forbid interracial marriages or to assign children to separate schools. The opposing party said that it is not unreasonable to hold off on making a decision on Proposition 8 since same-sex marriage is a fairly new issue. The state may decide to wait to make a decision until after the issue has matured more.

California is still waiting for this case to progress; its results may cause significant changes in the way people view marriage, especially the gay and lesbian communities. Residents who may have questions or concerns regarding marriage or family law issues should consult a legal professional. The legal professional can help by giving clarification in such matters.

Source:, “Good Friends, Same Party but Legal Opponents,” Scott Shane, March 26, 2013

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