Contentious child custody cases might need the court’s help


Throughout your child’s life at home, decisions will have to be made for everything from where the child will go to school to what type of schedule they need. All of these are usually made by the parents, but this might not be easy to determine if you and your child’s other parent aren’t together any longer. This is when a solid parenting plan might be helpful.

We know that you just want what’s best for your children. When you know what that is, and your ex doesn’t agree, you might be in for a rough time. Both parents will have to work together for the child’s sake in these cases.

Oftentimes, it is best if both adults can negotiate with each other to come up with a plan for the children. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Your ex might not be willing to consider any options but the one they are proposing or maybe they are narcissistic and manipulative to the point where you can’t handle it. When these happens, you must find a way to work through things.

One of the options that you might have to resort to is heading back to court to have the judge make a ruling. This is often thought of as a last resort, but you should be ready to do this if necessary. We can help you find out if there are any other possibilities.

We realize that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life in court. Taking stock of the situation and deciding what decisions are important enough to go to court over might help you in these cases. We are here to work with you to evaluate your options.

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