Can divorce be a positive for the kids?


People often act like divorce can only be a negative for children, and they talk about ways that parents can reduce this impact. While it is important to think of the children’s best interests and to understand the potential ramifications for them, you should know that divorce is not always a negative. It can also have a very positive impact on a child’s life.

For instance, perhaps the child is trapped in an abusive relationship. It could be that the child is being directly abused, or that he or she is watching a parent get abused by the other parent. For both physical and emotional well-being, ending this relationship is the right thing to do. The divorce can give the child the safe, stable home life that he or she deserves.

Even if the relationship is not abusive, a fractured relationship between the parents can be problematic for the children. They have to deal with their parents fighting and arguing constantly. It’s stressful, and it does not provide them with the stable home life they want. Some people point out that living with happy parents also helps children feel happier on the whole. Parents who are unhappy may not want to “stay together for the kids” when that unhappiness is contagious, and it would be better off for all involved if they moved on.

The key, if you are considering a divorce, is simply to put your kids first. Think about how it can impact them, how it may be a positive and what legal steps you can take to make sure that it is.

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