7 divorce customs that can help spouses post-split

7 divorce customs that can help spouses post-split

Men and women across California who are going through a divorce or separation are likely experiencing several emotions. Anxiety, guilt, anger and disappointment may be among those emotions. No matter the family law issues that people face, the reality is that the emotional toll they can take on people can be very difficult.

However, people all over the world have been through similar situations and have found effective ways of coping with a significant life change. In many cases, these actions give a person a sense of completion and closure which can be very important before moving forward in the new direction.

In one Japanese temple, visitors are invited to dispose of wedding rings, engagement rings and negative emotions. People write down the wishes they have for a breakup or divorce and then they flush these pieces of paper or their rings down the toilet. The hope of this ritual is that it will welcome positive relationship karma in the future.

People are also recognizing the transition of a divorce by holding a special ceremony or religious service. The ceremony can reflect future wishes and promises of hope and growth by appreciating the past while focusing on the new beginning.

There are many former spouses who now hold divorce parties to celebrate the culmination of a marriage. Many people who had a very unhappy or unsatisfying relationship with their former spouse hold these parties, but soon-to-be ex-spouses also throw them together to celebrate the beginning of their new single status.

Lastly, couples who want a more formal sense of closure can opt for a divorce tradition that the Jing people recognize in China. According to tradition, a couple signs a certificate of divorce and then dispose of the pen and ink used to sign the document, as they are believed to contain bad luck.

In any state or country, people have experienced the painful and confusing emotions of a divorce. However, there are certainly ways – both symbolic and legal – that many people have found to both address the end of a marriage and honor the beginning of a new phase in life.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Custom: 7 Post-Split Rituals From Around The World,” July 21, 2012

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