4 reasons marriages end in divorce

Relationships aren’t easy and sometimes, it becomes impossible to keep them together. There are a number of reasons why some marriages end in divorce, and other marriages flourish.

Here are some reasons why divorce happens; there are other reasons, of course, but here are four of the most common reasons:

Problems with communication

When spouses cannot talk out their problems and instead choose to simply ignore problems, a marriage may be heading for disaster. A lack of effective communication can lead to horrible arguments. Some things that are said simply cannot be taken back or easily forgotten. Anger management classes can help some people learn how to control their emotional outbursts. Others may need therapy to learn how to open to their spouse about issues in their marriage.


When a spouse is unfaithful, it can often mean the end of a marriage. Trust can be hard to regain, and this can be especially true if a child results from the relationship. In some cases, therapy may be able to help; however, cheating is the main reason for divorce. While there are those who can effectively put infidelity in the past, most instances of cheating end in divorce.

Money problems

When two spouses have different ideas about how money should be spent, this can be deadly to a marriage. Money issues are another common reason for divorce. The loss of a job can really hurt a relationship, although love can make the problems seem smaller than what they are. Effectively communication is extremely important when it comes to money issues and whatever agreements the two decide on should be put in place helps.

Loss of love

When two spouses no longer love each other, their marriage may be in serious trouble. For example, the two of you may believe that you were in love when you tied the knot, but soon realize that it was nothing more than lust or friendship. Some people may be able to live comfortably while just being friends, but for most who marry without being in love, the marriage is likely to falter.

These are just four of the most common reasons for divorce. There are many more, but these reasons provide marriages with the most challenging circumstances. If you are considering a divorce, it’s time to speak with an attorney to see what your legal options are.

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