Work to get the child support that you need


Counting on child support to make ends meet is a reality for some single parents. But, what if that support doesn’t come? This could spell disaster for some people. The paying parent might not understand why he or she is having to make the payments to support a spouse, but this isn’t truly what child support payments do.

Child support payments do cover some of the expenses of the child. The parent who receives the child support doesn’t have to put the money into an account that is only used by the child. Instead, they can use these payments to cover things like rent or the mortgage, utility payments, food costs and extracurricular activities for the child.

People who pay for child support might not be providing half of the support for the children. Raising a child is expensive and it might be difficult for a single parent to make ends meet. We understand that you only want the help that was ordered. Without it, you might not be able to provide for your child in the way you would like.

The orders issued for child support aren’t simply suggestions. Instead, they are demands that must be followed. There are serious issues that can come if a parent refuses to pay for the ordered amount.

We know that single parents trying to raise children often feel like they can’t add anything else to their busy schedule. We are here to help you do what needs to be done to help you get the support you count on for your child.

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