Which parent is considered the primary caretaker?

Which parent is considered the primary caretaker?

Child custody is a touchy issue for parents to discuss. No matter how amicable things may have ended between both parents, when they decided to no longer be together, there is still the chance that one or both parents will become angry or upset at the possibility of the other parent being awarded sole custody. Even though both parents may be worried about the other getting sole custody of their child, the parent who is the primary caretaker may have less to worry about.

A parent is considered the primary caretaker if they perform the following tasks:

  • Prepares and cooks the child’s daily meals.
  • Bathes and grooms the child daily.
  • Makes decisions about the child’s health care.
  • Assists with homework and teaches other basic skills.

It is normal for the courts to use a number of factors to help them determine which parent will receive sole custody of the child, including which parent is the primary caretaker. Many people may see it as unfair for the courts to consider the primary caretaker as the best option, but since they have proven they can properly care for the child and may have been doing so for quite some time, it may be the best option in the eyes of the law. With this being the case, any parent who is not the primary caretaker, should ensure they do what they can to prove to the courts that they are more than capable of caring for the child in the same way the other parent has done.

It is not easy to discuss child custody with the other parent of your child, especially when both feel as though they deserve to have sole custody. Regardless of what the parents may want, it is important to take the child’s best interests and needs into consideration. Parents who are currently dealing with a child custody dispute will want to speak to an attorney, as they may be able to help you resolve any disagreements you may have.

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