What will divorce cost your business?


According to research from the University of Washington, the peak month for divorce is now August, followed closely by January. There has been a lot written about how divorce affects a closely-held business. How, though, does divorce affect an employee and what can an employer do to help?

When an employee is going through a divorce, there can be many disruptions in the workplace. He or she will need time off to attend court hearings. He or she may be unable to focus on work, which can result in less productivity and mistakes. There may be problems with the employee’s child care because there are now different family dynamics. In extreme cases, there could be violence at the workplace.

It’s estimated that 70 percent of divorces in California take place pro se or without the help of an attorney. The stress of dealing with the legal process all on one’s own can often be overwhelming.

You may notice that your employee, who once was a dedicated, productive member of your team, is suddenly falling apart. You should consider the following options to help your employee navigate this difficult time.

First, offer assistance through the Employee Assistance Program if available. Referrals are often available for attorneys and mental health professionals. Second, become knowledgeable on which nonprofit organizations can help the employee with a collaborative divorce or mediation. These types of divorce can reduce the stress, financial strain and length of the divorce process. Finally, see if there are divorce workshops that your employee can attend that will provide tools for coping with the divorce.

Personal conflict is something everyone experiences during their lifetime. Helping your employee address the stress and other factors can not only keep a productive employee with your company, but can also benefit your company’s reputation.

An experienced divorce attorney can help those seeking information on how to proceed with a divorce in California.

Source: Community Digital News, “The Cost of Divorce To Your Business,” Myra Fleischer, Nov. 03, 2017

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