What types of entertainment does child support cover?

Children want to be children, so they want to have fun whenever they get the chance. Riding bikes, going to the park or simply jumping rope outside are always great ways for children to enjoy their free time, but in some cases, they like to do things that will cost money. It may surprise many, but the money a parent receives for child support can be used for entertainment of all types. If the child is fed, has clothes on his or her back and is perfectly healthy, then there is really no other great way to spend the child support money than on entertaining your child.

The following basic entertainment is covered by child support:

  • Movie theaters
  • Amusement parks
  • Games
  • Camping trips

The list of activities that child support can cover goes on and on. Although parents can use child support for these activities and more, it is ideal both the receiving parent and paying parent agree on what activities are age-appropriate for the child and what they should do when the child has free time. To prevent any disputes over the type of entertainment the child can enjoy, parents should try to avoid just taking their child to do something before speaking to the paying parent.

Child support can cover a variety of things. People assume that it is only for purchasing their child the basic necessities, but they are actually wrong about this. Because of this confusion over child support, parents may find themselves arguing about how the money is being spent. If parents are having a disagreement about child support, they can speak an attorney who may be able to help them resolve the dispute.

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