What should parents consider when requesting sole custody?

What should parents consider when requesting sole custody?

There are many different types of family situations that parents and their children can find themselves in. In the past, divorce may have not been a popular decision, but nowadays, when couples feel that the marriage is over, they divorce, whether or not they have children together. With this being the case, when two people decide to end their marriage or relationship, they will be left to handle the issue of child custody. This can often lead to a disagreement, especially if one parent decides to request sole custody.

There are benefits a parent may enjoy if he or she is granted sole custody of the child. For example, a sole custodial parent is not required to consult with the other parent when making decisions involving such things as the child’s medical care, education or religious upbringing.

There have often been child custody cases where one parent will request and be awarded sole custody, but have later come to realize that it may not have been the smartest decision. This can be because the child’s relationship with their other parent may suffer. They may get the financial support that is needed, but the child may not get the emotional and mental support that is needed from both parents.

The matter of child custody is one that parents should always take seriously, especially if they are requesting sole custody and looking to take on the responsibility of raising the child on their own a majority of the time. Even though many parents may attempt to use their children as a weapon against the other parent, it is never a good idea. The child’s best interests should always be considered when parents choose to move forward with any decision regarding their child, so if need be, they can seek the assistance of an attorney when they are dealing with any child custody matter.

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