What factors are important when planning vacation custody?

What factors are important when planning vacation custody?

The good old summer time has rolled back around, and perhaps no one is happier about that fact than the children who will have an extended break from school. This can also be a great opportunity for parents to spend extra time with their children. If you are a divorced parent, you may need to take a couple of extra steps to make your vacation plans a reality.

Since you likely want to avoid conflict and arrive at an amicable arrangement, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the first things you want to consider is if your plans would in some way violate the conditions of your custody agreement. Sometimes limitations are placed on whether a child can be taken out of the state or country. Should you want to take your child on a trip to another country, you can ask your spouse to agree to a temporary agreement modification that contains a travel stipulation.

You also need to work out the specific details of your children’s summer schedule. Once that schedule is agreed upon, it is very important that both parties adhere to it. One way to avoid any possible accusations of violating your standing agreement is to get the details in writing and present the document to the family court for approval. So long as you stick with what’s been written, signed and approved, you should have no problems following through with your vacation plans.

Coming up with an agreeable schedule is a doable proposition, though it does take cooperation between parents. If you’re having difficulty seeing eye-to-eye with your ex on certain key aspects of your plans, you may want to seek the aid of a family law attorney. An attorney can help develop a workable plan that can be submitted to a judge for approval. Once that happens, then you and your children are set for your summer fun.

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